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How does Magnet Therapy works?

Magnet therapy is a system based on the idea that our bodies form an electromagnetic field that responds to the healing power of magnets.

This is because iron makes up about four per cent of our blood content, and every ion-or atom- contained in our cells produces an electrical impulse. These three elements make up our bodies own electrical, magnetic field.

This means when the north side of a magnet – which is negative – is placed on the painful part of the body; it draws fresh oxygenated blood to the area of complaint. This, in contrast, is a positive energy field, this creates a two-pronged result as magnets are alkaline it counteracts any acidity in the body caused by disease. Also, fresh blood helps to remove any acidity from the body, which in turn, accelerates healing.

Is it safe?

Absolutely. As a non-harmful and non-invasive therapy, magnotherapy is second to none.

Does it work?

Hundreds of people around the world use magnetic therapy to relieve pain with great results. Magnetic products are used by Doctors, Vets, Chiropodists and Physiotherapists.

Is Magnectic jewlery a medical device?

No, all our products are not medical devices.

What is “Gauss”?

Gauss is a unit of measure that indicates the strength of a magnetic field. The greater the Gauss, the greater the field extends from the surface of the magnet.

How immediate is the effect?

We have reports of people experience an effect within hours. However, the majority of people feel relief within 2-3 weeks; a much smaller number found relief within 2-4 months.

How long do magnets last?

The magnets are guaranteed to last a lifetime, unless the product is demagnetized, or placed next to a very high electromagnetic force.

Can anyone use magnetic therapy?

Magnetic therapy is completely safe, expect for individuals using pacemakers and pregnant women.

How to a request re-size adjustment?

Upon check out, click on add a note to request an adjustment. Please contact the MagneticBracelets4U team using the contact us page for more information.

What do I do for a refund or exchange?

Contact the MagneticBracelets4U team to request a refund or exchange.

What are the postage fees?

United Kingdom - Free Postage on all orders.

Europe - £8 Postage fee on orders under £60, free postage on orders over £60

United States of America - £15 Postage fee on orders under £80, free postage on orders over £80

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